Scala Factor RESL

RESL combines two scale factors; "Design Thoroughness by Product Design Review (PDR)" and "Risk Elimination by PDR". The next table combines these ratings factors to form a more comprehensive characterization for the COCOMO II RESL ranking. It moreover narrates the ranking levels to the MBASE/RUP Life Cycle Architecture (LCA) milestone above and beyond the waterfall PDR milestone. RESL ranking should be subjectively weighted in order to average the outlined distinctiveness.

Feature Very Low Low Nominal High Very High Extra High
Risk Management Plan identifies all critical risk items, establishes milestones for resolving them by PDR or LCA. None Little Some Generally Mostly Fully
Schedule, budget, and internal milestones through PDR or LCA compatible with Risk Management Plan. None Little Some Generally Mostly Fully
Percent of development schedule devoted to establishing architecture, given general product objectives. 5 10 17 25 33 40
Percent of required top software architects available to project. 20 40 60 80 100 120
Tool support available for resolving risk items, developing and verifying architectural specs. None Little Some Good Strong Full
Level of uncertainty in key architecture drivers: mission, user interface, COTS, hardware, technology, performance. Extreme Significant Considerable Some Little Very Little
Number and criticality of risk items. > 10 Critical 5-10 Critical 2-4 Critical 1 Critical > 5 Non-Critical < 5 Non-Critical

Scale Factors for COCOMO.II Early Design and Post-Architecture Models

RESL Descriptors little (20%) some (40%) often (60%) generally (75%) mostly (90%) full (100%)
Rating Levels Very Low Low Nominal High Very High Extra High
Value 7.07 5.65 4.24 2.83 1.41 0.00