Platform Cost Factor PVOL

PVOL implies the complexity of hardware and software products calls on to perform its tasks. The platform includes any compilers or assemblers supporting the development of the software system. Development of e.g. software as OS formulates the platform as the computer hardware. Development of e.g. database management system originates the platform as hardware and OS. Network text browser development specifies the platform as the network, computer hardware, the operating system, and the distributed information repositories.

PVOL Descriptors   Major change every 12 mo.; Minor change every 1 mo. Major: 6 mo.; Minor: 2 wk. Major: 2 mo.; Minor: 1 wk. Major: 2 wk.; Minor: 2 days  
Rating Levels Very Low Low Nominal High Very High Extra High
Value n/a 0.87 1.00 1.15 1.30 n/a