Online Data Entry


Online Data Entry describes the degree to which data is entered or retrieved through interactive transactions.

On-line User Interface for data entry, control functions, reports, and queries are provided in the application.


Score As Descriptions To Determine Degree of Influence
0 All transactions are processed in batch mode.
1 1% to 7% of transactions are interactive.
2 8% to 15% of transactions are interactive.
3 16% to 23% of transactions are interactive.
4 24% to 30% of transactions are interactive.
5 More than 30% of transactions are interactive.


  • This refers to types of transactions not volumes.
  • For example, if an application has 45 EIs, EOs, and EQs, what percent of the EIs, EOs, and EQs are accomplished via on-line transactions.


  • Batch applications receive a score of 0 to 1
  • On-line, real-time, telecommunication, or process control systems receive a score of 5
  • Most contemporary on-line (including interactive client-server or web-enabled) applications receive a score of 5
  • Batch systems with on-line features may have a lot of batch transactions, but there must be at least 71 percent batch to receive a score of less than 5.