FPA Steps for Transactional Function Types

Later in this document external inputs, external outputs and external inquiries are discussed in detail. Each transaction must be an elementary process. An elementary process is the smallest unit of activity that is meaningful to the end user in the business. It must be self-contained and leave the business in consistent state.

FPA Steps

T1. Application documentation and transaction rules are used to identify transactions.

T2. The application documentation and transaction rules are used to determine type of transaction (external input, external output, or external inquiry).

T3. With the help of application documentation (data model and transaction model) and transaction rules the number data elements and file type referenced are determined.

T4. Each identified transaction is assigned a value of low, average or high based upon type, data elements, and files referenced.

T5. A distinct numerical value is assigned based upon type and value (low, average, or high).

T6. All transactions are summed to create a transaction unadjusted function point count.