Typical Vocabulary

The following words are associated with external input or "inputs." While reading textual document or application description look for these type of words, they may indicate an add, change or delete aspect of an external input.

Add, Activate, Amend (change and delete), Cancel, Change, Convert (change), Create (add), Delete, Deassign, Disable, Disconnect (change or delete), Enable, Edit (change), Insert ( add and change), Maintain (add, change, or delete), Memorize (add), Modify (change), Override (change), Post (add, change and delete), Remove (delete), Reactivate (change), Remit, Replace (change), Revise (change and delete), Save (add, change or delete), Store (add), Suspend (change or delete), Submit (add, change or delete), Update (add, change or delete), Voids (change and delete)