External Outputs

External Outputs (EO) - an elementary process in which derived data passes across the boundary from inside to outside. Additionally, an EO may update an ILF. The data creates reports or output files sent to other applications. These reports and files are created from information contained in one or more internal logical files and external interface files.

Derived Data is data that is processed beyond direct retrieval and editing of information from internal logical files or external interface files. Derived data is usually the result of algorithms, or calculations. Derived data occurs when one or more data elements are combined with a formula to generate or derive an additional data element(s). This derived data does not appear in any FTR (internal logical file or external interface file).

An algorithm is defined as a mechanical procedure for performing a given calculation or solving a problem in a series of steps.

A calculation is defined as an equation that has one or more operators. An operator is a mathematical function such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (+, -,x, /).

Transactions between applications should be referred to as interfaces. You can only have an external output or external inquiry of data external to your application. If you get data from another application and add it to a file in your application, this is a combination get and add (external inquiry and external input).