Special Issues and Concerns

Can an External Inquiry not have an input side?

Even though it may not be visible all external inquiries have an input side. In cases where the input side is not readily visible is referred to as an implied inquiry.

Can an External Inquiry Update an Internal Logical File?

Like an external output, an external inquiry may update an internal logical file, but it is incorrect to say that an external inquiry can maintains an internal logical file. The update is part of the elementary process of the external inquiry. The definition for maintaining is discussed in the internal logical file and external input sections of this book. The only component that maintains an internal logical file is an external input.

Menus (Dynamic Menus)

The menu displayed to the right is a dynamic menu. Word displays the last several files that have been opened. We can easily conclude that this information is being read from some type of internal file. Hence, the information is dynamic. The menu would be counted as an external inquiry.

Even though the IFPUG Manual explicitly states that menus are not counted, in this case it is clear that the menu is dynamic and changes.

The real distinction is if a menu is dynamic or static. That is, are the contents of the screen or report dynamic (read from some file) or are they static (hard coded).