Display of Graphical Images or Icons

A display of a graphical image is simply another data element. An inventory application may contain data about parts. It may contain part name, supplier, size, and weight and include a schematic image of the part. This schematic is treated as another data element.

Another example would be a map. The map may be "hot." As the mouse pointer is moved over the map different city names are displayed. If the user clicks on a particular hot point details about that city is displayed. The details about each city are contained in an internal logical file or external interface file then the details could be an external inquiry.

The following map of the United States is "hot." If you click on Kansas City, then you get the following information.

Kansas City, Missouri: Population 435,146: Location: 39.1 N, 94.5 W Houston, Texas: Populations 2,231,130: Location: 29.8 N, 95.4 W Chicago, Illinois: Population 2,783,726: Location: 41.8 N, 87.6 W

This would be an example of another inquiry.