Step 3d: Determine the count resulting from EO's

According to the rules, we have only one EO, and that is the UFPC Report. This report is considered an EO, and specifically not an EQ, because it contains derived data. More specifically, the complexity total column and the total UFPC count at the bottom of the table are derived fields, and EQs specifically cannot contain derived fields like this.

This report is actually a very difficult report for me to get right, and that's exactly why I've included it here. It's hard for me because of the rules surrounding duplicated fields in reports. Unfortunately, rather than get into all the complexity of these rules, I'm just going to state that there are at least seven DETs in this report, and they are:
  1. Title
  2. Function type
  3. Functional complexity
  4. The complexity totals
  5. The function type totals
  6. The Unadjusted FP Count
  7. A DET that is counted for the menu option to choose this report
Process DETs FTRs Resulting Complexity # FPs
UFPC Report 7 3 Average 5
      Total: 5

Because of the repeating fields this is a very difficult report for me. Fortunately, when we double-checked with a colleague we both came up with an Average score for this EO, even though we differed on the fields slightly. That's one of the nice things about using ranges like this; very rarely does a disagreement about the detailed rules actually affect a count.