Calculate COCOMO effort

  1. Select the project and click the menu Project > Open project data editor> .

    Menu Open project data editor

  2. The projectdata editor will be showed.

    Project data editor overview

  3. Click on the COCOMO tab. It will show the Cocomo editor of the project editor.

    COCOMO editor

  4. Select the default sub estimation. Click on the tab Info in the Setting section . Change the name as SubEstimation .

    COCOMO Info

  5. Select the SubEstimation and select the count Booking Manager .

    Select the count for estimation

  6. Set the complexity of some cost factors .

    Cost factor Info

  7. The estimation for this count will be calculated.


  8. Select the base estimation Estimation_I

    COCOMO Info

  9. Set the complexity of some scale factors .

    Cocomo base scale factors