Calculate Estimation

You can add a ProjectPlanData as following.:

  1. Select the project EnhancementProjectCount and open Project Editor for the current selected project.
  2. Click on Create a new Project Plandata

    Create Project Plandata

  3. The following object structure will have been created.

    Create Project Plandata

  4. Select Waterfall from the Development process combobox.

  5. Enter the name MyProjectPlandaForWaterfall and save the ProjectPlanData .

    Project Plandata Dialog

  6. Select the Counts in the tree.
  7. Click on the button Add a new element

    Add a new count

  8. Select the counts from the following dialog.

    Add counts dialog

  9. The selected count will be added to the ProjectPlanData and save the ProjectPlanData

    Project Plandata Editor

  10. Select the Project estimations in the tree.

  11. Click on the button Add a new element

    Add a new estimation

  12. Enter the name Estimation_II and save the ProjectPlanData

    Add a new estimation

  13. Click on the COCOMO tab. It will show the Cocomo editor of the project editor.

    COCOMO editor

  14. Select the default sub estimation. Click on the tab Info in the Setting section . Change the name as SubEstimation .

    COCOMO Info

  15. Select the SubEstimation and select the count Booking Manager .

    Select the count for estimation

  16. Set the complexity of some cost factors .

    Cost factor Info

  17. The estimation for this count will be calculated.