Logging Messages View

This view allows you to analyze log messages for the Application Function Point Modeler .

The Application itself creates messages at defined time points, which are classified with differentiated levels. With the help of these messages it is e.g. possible to understand, how it came to a problem, at the time when an error occurs.

Calculator View

To add the Logging View to the current perspective, click Command Window > Show View > Other > Function Point Modeler > Logging Messages .


The toolbar of the Logging Messages view includes the following buttons.

Stack Trace Shows the possible available stack trace of the selected table entry.

Delete Deletes the currently selected table entry.

Refresh Updates the content of this view.

Scroll Lock Enables or disables table scroll lock in this view.


Click the icon at the left end of the view's title bar to open a menu of items generic to all views. Click the black upside-down triangle icon to open a menu of items specific to the Logging Messages view. Right-click inside the view to open a context menu.