Notes View

This view allows you to enter some notes.

Notes View

To add the Notes View to the current perspective, click Command Window > Show View > Other > Function Point Modeler > Notes .

The contents of a note is changed by simply overwriting the text area. You can customize the name of the note by executing a double click on the tab at the bottom of a note.

Notes will be deleted by clicking on the little red cross on the tab at the bottom of the note. Please keep in mind that the last note can not be deleted. So at least one note is always open.


The toolbar of the Note view includes the following buttons.

New note Create a new empty note.

Wrap text Toggles word wrap modus in this view.

Clear note Clears the content of the current open note.


Click the icon at the left end of the view's title bar to open a menu of items generic to all views. Click the black upside-down triangle icon to open a menu of items specific to the Note view. Right-click inside the view to open a context menu.