Project Navigator View

This view provides a hierarchical view of the resources in the Workbench.

Here is what the Project Navigator view looks like:

Project Navigator View

To add the Project Navigator View to the current perspective, click Command Window > Show View > Other > Function Point Modeler > Project Navigator .


The toolbar of the Project Navigator view includes the following buttons.

Collapse all This command collapses the tree expansion state of all resources in the view.

Link with Editor This command toggles whether the Project Navigator view selection is linked to the active editor. When this option is selected, changing the active editor will automatically update the Project Navigator selection to the resource being edited.


Click the icon at the left end of the view's title bar to open a menu of items generic to all views. Click the black upside-down triangle icon to open a menu of items specific to the Project Navigator view. Right-click inside the view to open a context menu.

Customize View

This command allows customization of view filters and content modules. The previous will allow you to supress the display of certain types of files while the later will allow entirely new types of content to be shown in the view. Here is what the Customize View dialog looks like:

Customize view

Link with Editor

See the toolbar item description above.