Toolbar buttons

The following buttons may appear in the Workbench toolbar, toolbars for views, and the shortcut bar:

Icon Description Icon Description
New perspective image Open a new perspective Save edit image Save the active editor contents
Save all image Save the contents of all editors Save as image Save the active editor contents
Print editor image Print editor contents New wizard image Open a resource creation wizard
New file image Open a file creation wizard New folder image Open a folder creation wizard
New project image Open a project creation wizard Import wizard image Open the import wizard
Export wizard image Open the export wizard Cut image Cut selection to clipboard
Copy image Copy selection to clipboard Paste image Paste selection from clipboard
Undo edit image Undo most recent edit Redo edit image Redo most recent undone edit
Navigate next image Navigate to next item in a list Navigate previous image Navigate to previous item in a list
Navigate forwards image Navigate forwards Navigate backwards image Navigate backwards
Navigate up image Navigate up one level Add bookmark or task image Add bookmark or task
View menu image Open a views drop down menu Close view image Close view or editor
Pin editor image Pin editor to prevent automatic reuse Filter tasks or properties image Filter tasks or properties
Goto object image Go to a task, problem, or bookmark in the editor Restore defaults image Restore default properties
Tree mode image Show items as a tree Refresh image Refresh view contents
Alphabetical order image Sort list in alphabetical order Cancel operation image Cancel a long running operation
Delete image Delete selected item or content Last edit location image Last edit location