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To connect to a Dertby SLED database, perform the following steps.

  1. Switch to the SLED perspective. To do this, select Window > Open perspective > Other ... > SLED from the menu bar.
  2. Click on the New... button in the toolbar of the Connections view.
    New Derby Connection
  3. Select entry Derby from the list of availables connection profile types.
    Derby Connection Profile
  4. Enter a name for your new connection profile e.g. Derby .
  5. Enter an optional description for your new connection profile e.g. Derby@localhost.
  6. Press the Next button
  7. Select the entry Derby Embedded JDBC Driver 10.2 Default from the list of available drivers.
    Select Derby Driver
  8. Enter a location under Database location where your Derby Database exists, or where you want to create a new Derby Database e.g. C:\Temp\MyDerbyDB .
  9. Enter a valid Username and Password for your Database.
  10. Select option Create database if you want to create a new Database. If you connect to an existing Database, please deselect this option.
  11. Press the Test Connection button to validate your settings. If you receive a message like Ping succeeded! you can press the Finish button to confirm your selections.

A new entry with for your SLED Derby Database will be added to the Connection view.

New Derby Connection Profile