Analyze SLED Content

EE Only

To Analyze SLED Content, perform the following steps.

  1. Switch to the SLED perspective. To do this, select Window > Open perspective > Other ... > SLED from the menu bar.
  2. Connect to a SLED database in the Connections view, if not already connected.
    Analyze SLED Create Connection
  3. Enter a search criteria in the SLED Explorer view . To analyze the complete SLED content, leave this field empty.
    Analyze SLED Search Criteria
  4. Press the Reload SLED Content button in the SLED Explorer view.
    Analyze SLED Reload Content
  5. Select the element in the SLED Explorer tree which should be analyzed.
    Analyze SLED Select Content

View and analyze properties for the selected element.

Analyze SLED Content for Element