Synchronize Projects with CVS

To synchronize your local version of a Project with a CVS team repository, perform the following steps.

  1. Switch to the Functionpoint perspective. To do this, select Window > Open perspective > Other ... > Functionpoint from the menu bar.
    Open FPM Perspective
  2. Select the project you want to synchronize in the Project Navigator view. If you perform a right mouse click on this project, a pop-up menu appears. Select the menu item Team > Synchronize with repository .
    Synchronize CVS Project
  3. If a dialog appears to open a different perspective, please choose Yes .
    Confirm CVS Perspective
  4. In the Synchronize view, select Update all Incoming Changes... to update changes from the repository in your local workspace. Select Commit all Outgoing Changes... to commit all changes in your local workspace to the repository.
    Commit or Update CVS Changes
  5. Enter a valid comment for a commit operation. This dialog will only be shown if you commit local workspace changes to the repository. For update operations, no dialog will appear. Select Finish to start the commit operation.
    Commit CVS Changes

After the commit and update operations are completed, the content in the Synchronize view will disappear.
CVS Commit/Update Result