Export Projects to SLED

EE Only

To export Projects to a SLED database, perform the following steps.

  1. Right click inside the Project Navigator view and select Export... > Function Point Modeler > Project to SLED
    Export Project to SLED
  2. Press the Next button.
  3. Select an available SLED connection. Only activated connections are available for selection.
    Select Connection for Project to SLED
  4. Select the Projects you want to export from the list of available Projects. It's also possible to select or de-select all Projects at once.
    Select Projects for SLED
  5. Enable checkbox Overwrite existing projects if you want to overwrite existing projects in SLED without rückfrage.
    Select Projects for SLED Overwrite
  6. Press the Finish button

The selected Projects will be exported to the SLED database.

Export Projects to SLED result