New and Noteworthy with Function Point Modeler 4.4

ISBSG Import Interface

Function Point Modeler 4.4 Enterprise Edition now offers you the opportunity to import International Software Benchmarking Standard Group ISBSG data into the Function Point Modeler in order to calibrate COCOMO based on the ISBSG data. This allows you to select from the ISBSG database, projects that are similar to the project that you wish to estimate. You can then import these projects into the SLED and use them to calibrate the cost factors in COCOMO to provide you with a reliable estimate.

Function Point Modeler ISBSG Import Interface

Project Actual Data Detail Editor

Function Point Modeler 4.4 Enterprise includes a new detail editor for project actual data. It enables you to gather more detail project actual data based on activities for each phase and defects.

Detail Project Actual Data Editor

New Properties Editor

The new properties editor is included in the Function Point Modeler 4.4 . All properties of the selected items are also managed in this new editor.

New Properties Editor

Based on Eclipse 3.6.2

Function Point Modeler 4.4 is now based on Eclipse 3.6.2. (Helios)


Project Navigator

Function Point Modeler 4.4 now offers you a brand new project navigator. Projects are now arranged and categorized. It is now much easier for users to get an overview of the actual content of his workspace.

Project Navigator

Name suggestion

Function Point Modeler 4.4 now offers you a simple name suggestion. When you add a new element to your diagramm, the workbench suggests a element name based on the element type.

Name suggestion

Web Browser Integration

Function Point Modeler 4.4 Enterprise Edition now offers you a integrated web browser. Surf the internet and visit your favorite sites without having to leave the familiar Function Point Modeler workbench.

Web browser