New and Noteworthy with Function Point Modeler 5.3

Adaption to Eclipse_x86_64 4.14.0

The application is now based on the latest version of the Eclipse x86_64 framework.

New Eclipse Version 4.14.0

Support for Java 1.8

The application is now based on the newest Java VM version 1.8.

New Java Version 1.8

Configuration of Data and Transaction Functions Settings

Transaction Function Type , Complexity and Process Type of Transaction Functions and Data Function Type Complexity of Data Functions can be configured preference page.

Data and Transaction Functions Settings preference

Export estimation to spreadsheet

With Function Point Modeler 4.2 you now can export your project estimation to MS Excel or Open Office Calc as a work breakdown structure.


Import/Export development processes

You are now able to import/export development processes optional to a XML file or to your SLED database. With the help of the SLED database, it is easier than ever, to exchange development processes with your colleagues or associates.

Import/Export development processes

Name suggestion

Function Point Modeler now offers you a simple name suggestion. When you add a new element to your diagramm, the workbench suggests a element name based on the element type.

Name suggestion