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How to set a chart’s background color

In the chart builder, choose Format Chart, then navigate to the Chart Area section. Use the list on the left to navigate among sections. Figure 16-2 shows the Chart Area section.

Figure 16-2 Background option in the Chart Area section

Figure 16-2  Background option in the Chart Area section

Figure 16-3 Color picker

Figure 16-3  Color palette
To use a gradient color, choose Gradient. In Gradient Editor, select a start color, end color, and rotation for the gradient pattern, as shown in Figure 16-4.

Figure 16-4 Setting colors and rotation for a gradient color

Figure 16-4  Setting colors and rotation for a gradient color
The background color or image appears in the chart builder.

To define a custom color, on the color list, choose Define Custom Colors to show the custom color palette, as shown in Figure 16-5.

Figure 16-5 Color picker including custom color options

Figure 16-5  Color palette including custom color options

Use the options to select or define a custom color. When you finish, choose Add to Custom Colors, then choose OK.

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