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Task 8:  Create a report title

All your report needs now is a title. To display a title, you can use either a label element, a text element, or a data element. The following list describes each type of element:


In this procedure, you use a text element and HTML tags to format the text. Note that you are not required to use HTML to create formatted text. If, however, you are well-versed in HTML or web design, you might prefer using HTML to create a block of formatted text.

When you select HTML, you can embed HTML tags or CSS properties in the text. You can type the tags or you can insert the commonly used HTML tags that the text editor provides.
<CENTER><B><span style="font-size: larger">
Customer List
<FONT size="small">For internal use only</FONT><BR><BR>
Report generated on <VALUE-OF>new Date( )</VALUE-OF>

Figure 1-34 Text with HTML tags

Figure 1-34  Text with HTML tags

Figure 1-35 Report preview showing formatted report title

Figure 1-35  Report preview showing formatted report title

As you can see, using the text element with embedded HTML enables you to:


Alternatively, you can use

[report_graphical_view.gif; SalesofAProduct.rptdesign]

[ReportPreview.gif; SalesOfAProduct_noparam.rptdesign]


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