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How to use a template report item

To use a template report item, you must create a report design from a template that contains a template report item.

Perform the steps in the cheat sheet adjacent to the layout editor. The final instruction is to edit the chart. This template item appears in the layout with an appropriate icon and instructional text, as shown in Figure 20-10. The text supplements the instructions in the cheat sheet. In this case, the instructions are similar.

Figure 20-10 Using a template report item

Figure 20-10  Using a template report item
When you double-click the template report item, BIRT changes the template report item to a standard report item. The chart now appears as a standard chart element in the layout.
Right-click the chart element again, and choose Undo Transfer to Report Item. The chart now appears as the original template report item, as shown in Figure 20-10

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