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Task 13:  View the outline of the report

This report contains several levels of nested elements. At the top-most level is the list element. Within the list is a grid, which contains two tables. Within each table are data elements. The layout editor shows the borders of container elements and data elements, but for a container using several levels of nested elements, it can be difficult to see and select individual elements.

To get a clear view of the hierarchy of elements, use the Outline view. Figure 13-27 shows the outline of the report, which appears when the layout editor is selected. Select Body, then expand each item to view all the elements in the report.

Figure 13-27 Outline of the report

Figure 13-27  Outline of the report

If you have difficulty selecting an element in the layout editor, select the element in the Outline view. When you select an element in Outline, the element is selected in the layout editor.

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