Project Explorer view

The Project Explorer view provides a hierarchical view of the resources in the Workbench. From here, you can open files for editing or select resources for operations such as exporting.

Picture of Project Explorer view showing a simple hierarchy (project, folders, files)

Right-click on any resource in the Project Explorer view to open a pop-up menu that allows you to perform operations such as copying, moving, creating new resources, comparing resources with each other, or performing team operations. To see a description of what each menu item does, move selection highlight to that menu item and press the context-sensitive help key (e.g., F1 on Microsoft Windows).

By default, the Project Explorer view is included in the Resources perspective. To add it to the current perspective, click command link Window > Show View > Other... > General > Project Explorer.


The toolbar of the Project Explorer view contains the following buttons:

Collapse All
Collapses the tree expansion state of all resources in the view.
Link with Editor
Toggles whether the Project Explorer view selection is linked to the active editor. When this option is selected, changing the active editor will automatically update the Project Explorer selection to the resource being edited.
Provides menu items that allow you to sort or filter the contents of the Project Explorer view as well as select a working set.


The following icons can appear in the Project Explorer view.



Open project icon Project (open)
Folder icon Folder
File icon File

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