Tasks view

You can assign tasks within your project by right clicking marker bar's context menu and selecting Add Task or you can add items within the Tasks view by selecting Add Task Picture of the Tasks view with two dummy tasks added to it.. For example, if you would like to record reminders to follow up on something later, add it to the tasks view. When you add a task, you have the option of associating it with a resource so that you can use the Tasks view to quickly open that resource for editing.

Picture of the Add Task icon

The first column of the Tasks view displays an icon that denotes the type of line item. You can sort and filter line items in the task view, to view only high-priority tasks or tasks associated with a particular resource or group of resources. 

By default, the Tasks view is included in the Resource perspective. To add it to the current perspective, click command link Window > Show View > Other... > General > Tasks.

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