Associated tasks

Associated tasks are associated with a specific location in a resource. To associate a task with the JanesFile.txt:

  1. Open a text file (JanesFile.txt) by double clicking on it in one of the navigation views.

  2. In the editor area directly to the left of any line in the text editor, access the context menu from the marker bar. The marker bar is the vertical bar to the left of the main text area.

  3. From the marker bar's context menu, select Add Task....

    The marker bar displays any marker including bookmarks, task markers (for associated tasks), and/or debugging breakpoints. Various markers can be associated with specific lines in a file by accessing the context menu from the marker bar directly to the left of that line.

    Marker bar menu

  4. In the Description field, type a brief description for the task that will be associated with that line in the text file.

    Add Task dialog

  5. Click OK when done.

  6. Notice that a new task marker appears in the marker bar, directly to the left of the line where the task was added. Also, notice that the new task appears in the Tasks view.

    Tasks view

  7. After the new task has been added, click in the editor on the first line or any other line above the line with which the new task is associated.

  8. Add several lines of text to the file at this point.

  9. Notice that as lines of text are added above it, the task marker moves down in the marker bar in order to remain with the associated line in the file. The line number in the Tasks view is updated when the file is saved. 

  10. In the Tasks view, access the context menu for the task that was just created.

  11. Select Mark Completed.

  12. Now select Delete Completed Tasks from the marker's context menu.
  13. Notice that the task marker disappears from the marker bar and the task is removed from the Tasks view.