Checking out a project

Coworker Fred has several tasks in front of him: 

Fred's first step is to import the project into his workspace as follows:

  1. Run the import wizard via the File > Import menu item. Screenshot of Import type selection
  2. Select the Projects from CVS item and press Next.
  3. Create a repository location as described when Jane created a repository.
  4. On the next page select the "Use an existing module" radio button and wait while the repository is contacted. Screenshot of CVS module selection page
  5. From the list of available projects, select JanesTeamProject and press Finish. A progress dialog will appear showing the progress of the import operation.
    Screenshot of progress dialog
  6. Open one of the navigation views and observe that it now includes the project JanesTeamProject. Notice that there are CVS decorators indicating the file revisions, the repository name, and the file types. Screenshot of Fred's Project Explorer after checkout