Versioning a project

Now that the project is complete it is time to version it. While committing the file resources the repository automatically assigned them version numbers, or to be more accurate "revision numbers". As the files were committed the only information supplied was a commit comment.

To version a project proceed as follows:

  1. Select the project JanesTeamProject.
  2. In one of the navigation views select Team > Tag as Version...
  3. When the Tag Resources dialog opens enter the version name A1 and click OK.
  4. Select the CVS Repositories view.
  5. Expand Versions, and JanesTeamProject. Observe that under JanesTeamProject there is now a version of this project whose version number is A1. Looking closely at the contents of folder1 note that the version numbers of the individual files match the version numbers in the Workbench.