CVS Ext Connection Method

The following preferences can be changed on the command link Team > CVS > Ext Connection Method preference page.

Use external program vs. Use internal connection method This page allows you to configure the ext connection method to use an external program or another connection method to to connect to a server. The later option is provided to allow custom connection method such as extssh to remain compatible with external CVS client tools. Use external program
CVS_RSH Use this option to configure the program that will be called to connect to the remote CVS server. The RSH command is invoked with following calling pattern:


Parameters Use this option to configure the parameters passed to the CVS_RSH program. The default parameter pattern is {host} -l {user}. It can be tailored using the {host}, {user}, {password} and {port} variables. -l {host} {user}
CVS_SERVER Use this option to configure the name of the remote CVS server program to run. Change this setting only if the remote CVS server binary name is different than the default. cvs
Connection type Use this option to set the connection method to be used for repository locations that use the ext connection method, if the option to use another connection method is enabled. pserver

Here is what the preference page looks like:

Ext Connection Method preference page