Add CVS Repository wizard

This wizard helps you create a repository location.

Here is what the New CVS Repository Location wizard looks like:

Repositories View


The following are the editable fields for a new CVS repository location:




Host The address of the host (e.g., ""). <blank>
Repository Path The path to the repository on the host (e.g., "/x/y/z",  "d:/myrepo"). <blank>
User Name The user name under which you want to connect to the server. <blank>
Password The password required for the above user name to access the above host. <blank>
Connection Type The type of CVS connection for the repository, either "pserver", "extssh", "pserverssh2" or "ext". pserver
Port Option to use a custom port for the connection. Use Default Port
Validate connection on finish Check this option if you want to attempt a connection to the host upon completion of the wizard to validate that the entered information is correct.  If this option is not enabled, you will not know whether the information entered is correct until you try to access the contents of a repository for the first time.


Save Password Check this option if you want the password to be saved between sessions. To persist login credentials in a safe, encrypted form Secure Storage is used.


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