Workbench User Guide

The Help view displays help related to using the Workbench. If you select Workbench User Guide in the list of books displayed in the Help window, you will see help topics related to using the Workbench in the Contents tab. The Workbench User Guide is broken down into four main sections, described below.

Getting started

This section contains tutorials that will help you when you start using the Workbench.


Concepts are high level descriptions of the schema and functions of the Workbench.  This section helps provide a general understanding of how the Workbench functions.  For example, the Concepts section includes a discussion of what perspectives and views are and how they relate to one another.


Task descriptions are step by step instructions for performing specific actions and tasks in the Workbench. For example, the Tasks section contains step by step instructions for creating a repository location, and for importing a file from the file system into the Workbench.


Reference materials are helpful resources that will assist you while you are using the Workbench. This includes descriptions of various wizards, dialogs, and fields as well as Workbench resources such as specific views and perspectives.

The Reference section also includes a glossary of terms that you might find useful while using the Workbench.