On the command link General > Workspace preference page, you can manage various IDE-specific workspace preferences settings in the Workbench.

Option Description Default
Build automatically If this option is turned on, then the Workbench will perform an automatic build whenever a modified resource is saved. On
Refresh using native hooks or polling If this option is turned on then the workspace resources will be synchronized with their corresponding resources in the file system automatically using native refresh providers (on Windows) or a polling mechanism.

Note: This can potentially be a lengthy operation depending on the number of resources you have in your workspace.

Refresh on access If this option is turned on then files discovered to be out-of-sync by the workspace, for example while accessing the file content by an editor, will be automatically asynchronously refreshed. Off
Save automatically before build If this option is selected, when a manual build is performed the Workbench will automatically save all resources that have been modified since the last build was performed.
Always close unrelated projects without prompt If this option is selected, unrelated projects will be closed without prompt.
Uncheck this option if you want to be asked first.
Workspace save interval (in minutes) This number indicates how often the state of the workspace is automatically saved to disk. 5
Workspace title (shown in window title) This string plus " - " will be prepended to the computed title of each workbench window.  
Open referenced projects when a project is opened If this option is enabled opening a project will also open and closed projects it references. Select prompt if you wish to be asked first. Prompt
Text file encoding Use this option to specify the encoding to use when saving text files in editors. Default (Cp1252)
New text file line delimiter Use this option to specify the line delimiter to use for new text files.

Note: This will generally not affect the file line delimiter for
existing files.



Here is what the Workspace preferences page looks like:

Preference dialog