Viewing a file's revision history

Every time you commit a file to the CVS repository, a new revision is created. Each revision is identified by a number (for example, 1.1 or Along with each revision is stored the author, the date, and a commit comment.

To view the resource history for a file:

  1. Select the file in one of the navigation views. From the context menu, choose Team > Show History.
  2. The History view will open and show a history for the selected CVS file.

Note: The History view also shows you all version and branch tags that are associated with the file.

Tip: You can show different types of revisions (your options are: Local and Remote revisions, only Remote revisions or only Local revisions) by using the History view's mode toggle buttons. These toggle buttons are located on the History view toolbar.

Tip: You can drag and drop a file from one of the navigation views into the History view instead of choosing the menu item.

Tip: You can have the History view update automatically to the history of the file in the active editor by enabling the Link with Editor item in the view's toolbar.

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