Tiling editors

The Workbench allows you to have multiple files open in multiple editors. Unlike views, editors cannot be dragged outside the Workbench to create new windows. However, you can tile editor sessions within the editor area, in order to view source files side by side.

  1. With two or more files open in the editor area, select one of the editor tabs.
  2. Holding down the left mouse button, drag that editor over the left, right, top or bottom border of the editor area. Notice that the mouse pointer changes to a "drop cursor" that indicates where the editor session will be moved when you release the mouse button.
  3. (Optional) Drag the borders of the editor area or each editor, to resize as desired.

This is a similar operation to moving and docking views inside the Workbench, except that all editor sessions must be contained within the editor area.

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