Changing the encoding of a CVS repository location

You can change encoding of an existing repository location. This encoding will be used to translate file paths and commit messages from the client encoding to the server encoding and vice versa. The encoding does not affect the contents of file. You may use the editor encoding (available from the command link General > Content Types preference page) or resource encodings (available from the Properties > Resource page of resources) to configure the Workbench to use the proper file encodings.

To change the server encoding of a CVS repository location:

  1. Switch to the command link CVS Repository Exploring perspective or add the command link CVS Repositories view to the current perspective.
  2. In the CVS Repositories view, select the repository location whose properties you want to change.
  3. Select Properties from the pop-up menu. The properties dialog will open.
  4. Select the Server Encoding tab.
  5. Choose to set the encoding and either choose or type in the desired encoding.
  6. Click OK to change the properties.

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