Configuring perspective command groups

You can choose which command groups are available in a perspective. Command groups contribute menu items, toolbar buttons and key bindings, all of which run commands. Making a command group unavailable in a perspective removes these methods of running commands. Making a command group available makes it possible for these methods to be used, however they can be turned on and off with more fine-grained control via the Menu Visibility and Tool Bar Visibility tabs of the Customize Perspective dialog.

To configure command group availability:

  1. Switch to the perspective that you want to configure.
  2. Select command link Window > Customize Perspective....
  3. Open the Command Groups Availability tab.
  4. Select the command group in the Available command groups list whose availability you want to edit.
  5. Preview the menu items and toolbar buttons which are contributed by the selected command group in the Menubar details and Toolbar details trees. Hover over items in these trees to view their key bindings.
  6. Use the check box next to the command group to make it available or unavailable.
  7. Click OK to cause the changes to take effect.

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