Showing and hiding menu items and toolbar buttons

You can choose to hide menu items and toolbar buttons and then show them again.

Hiding a menu item or toolbar button

To hide a menu item or toolbar button:

  1. Switch to the perspective that you want to configure.
  2. Select command link Window > Customize Perspective....
  3. Open the Menu Visibility or Tool Bar Visibility tab.
  4. Find the item you want to hide. You can do this two ways:
  5. Hover over the item to get additional information:
  6. Uncheck the check box next to the item. Uncheck a menu to hide all its children.
  7. Click OK to cause the changes to take effect.

Using the tooltip which appears over items, you can navigate to the Command Group Availability tab and make the entire command group unavailable if you wish to remove all menu items, toolbar buttons and keybindings of all commands contributed by the command group.

Showing a menu item or toolbar button

To show a menu item or toolbar button, you can follow the same instructions as hiding one, except check the check box instead of unchecking it.

If an item you want to make visible is grayed out, this is because the command group which contributes it is not available. You need to make it available before you can show or hide items it contributes. You can do this by hovering over the item, and clicking the command group link in the tooltip which appears.

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