Filtering CVS Revisions in the History View

Over time, the revision history for a file can grow drastically. As a result, it may be difficult to find the revision or revisions that you are looking for. Using the filtering mechanism of the History View can help.

To set a filter on a CVS managed resource that is currently being displayed in the History View:

  1. Select the Filter... action from the dropdown menu on the History View toolbar.
  2. Enter any branch, author, comment, or date range that you would like the view to display.

    Filter Resource History dialog

  3. Click OK.

The view will now display only those revisions that match the criteria you entered.

Tip: You can remove the filter at a later time by selecting Remove Filters from the dropdown menu on the History View toolbar.

Tip: You can choose whether the filter should match any or all of the criteria by selecting the appropriate radio button in the dialog.

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