Subversive installation instructions

Subversive can be simply installed from within Eclipse using update manager. All what the user should do is just point update manager to the remote or local update site. To install Subversive:

  1. Start Eclipse and select menu item 'Help > Instal New Software...'

    Software Updates

  2. Then selec common software repository or if you need to install Subversive only, you can directly add Subversive update site by pressing 'Add' button.

    Update manager

  3. On the 'Add Repository' form enter the URL to the Subversive update site. The proper URL can be found on Also the update-site for Subversive integration plug-ins can be added in the same way.
    Click on the 'OK' button to store update site information.

    New update site

  4. The Subversive software can be found in the common software repository in 'Collaboration Tools' section and provides following features list.
    Select Subversive SVN Team Provider and other features if required and then follow through installation wizard steps.

    Feature Search Result

  5. The update manager calculates dependencies and offers you a list of features to install. Select the needed ones and click the 'Next >' button.

    Features to Install

  6. Accept terms of license agreement and click the 'Finish' button in order to start the download of selected features.

    Feature License

  7. To apply installation changes and restart Eclipse click on the 'Yes' button.

    Restart dialog

  8. After Eclipse restart you'll see connectors discovery dialog which will allow you to install Subversive Connectors without registering connectors update site manually.

    Connectors discovery dialog

  9. You can find Subversive perspective and views in correspondent dialogs, activated by menu items 'Window > Open Perspective > Other...' and 'Window > Show View > Other...'.

    Open Perspective Show View