These preferences can be changed on 'Team>SVN>Performance' properties page. The performance options allows you to set balance between performance and memory consumption according your requirements.


You may switch off some minor features in order to improve performance of team menu and decoration for large projects. At the same time you may switch off SVN status cache in order to save lots of memory for very large projects, but please note that disabling of the SVN cache definitely decreases performance. In case when deep decoration and precise team menu enablement options are enabled SVN statuses cache is always active.

Option Description Default
Compute deep outgoing state Specifies if the computing of deep outgoing state is enabled. Enabled
Calculate precise Team Menu enablements Specifies if the enamblements of Team Menu actions should be calculated before showing it. When disabled the Team Menu is shown immediately, but the enablement is not calculated. If enabled, the Team Menu for large projects can appear in some period of time. Disabled
Enable SVN statuses cache Specifies if the SVN statuses cache is enabled. Always enabled if computing of deep outgoing state is enabled. Enabled
Enable persistent SSH connections Specifies if SVN+SSH protocol should use persistent connections (if it is possible) or not. Using persistent SVN+SSH connections improves overall performance when working with SVN+SSH protocol. Disabling this option could reduce amount of workload on the server caused by permanently running instances of svnserve executable module. Enabled

This is how 'Performance' properties page looks like:

Performance properties page