Branching means creating a new line of development on the repository location. This may be useful in a different cases, for example if different clients wish to get the same product but with some differences in functionality. Of course it's not convenient to create both products from the beginning to the end separately, so the developers create branches. To do the same the user should click on 'Team>Branch...' menu item of the resource pop-up menu, 'Branch...' menu item of the SVN main menu group or on the 'Branch...' button on the 'SVN Toolbar'. The dialog will appear to help you create a branch.


It's recommended to create branches in the repository's 'branch' folder corresponding to the specified repository layout. For information on repository layouts refer to 'Repository layouts' topic.

This is how the 'Create Branch Dialog' looks like:

Create Branch dialog

Option Description Default
Branch Specifies the name of the branch folder 'blank'
Start working in a branch If enabled associates your workspace with the created branch. Disabled
Freeze svn:externals Locks a probability of adding svn:externals for a branch. Disabled

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