Creating tags

Tag is a snapshot of the project state. You can create a tag of the one specified revision or a tag, containing resources of different revisions. To start tag creating click on 'Team>Tag...' menu item of the resource pop-up menu, 'Tag...' menu item of the SVN main menu group or on the 'Tag...' button on the 'SVN Toolbar'. The 'Create Tag Dialog' will appear.


It's recommended to create tags in the repository's 'tag' folder corresponding to the specified repository layout. For information on repository layouts refer to 'Repository layouts' topic.

This is how the 'Create Tag Dialog' looks like:

Creating Tag dialog

Option Description Default
Tag Specifies the name of the tag folder 'blank'
Start working in a tag If enabled associates your workspace with the created tag. Disabled
Freeze svn:externals Automatically specifies revision of each one of the svn:external references in the project when the tag is created. Works with the checked out projects only, since there is no way to change properties directly in the repository. Disabled (initial state depends on the corresponding preference "SVN->Project structure->Always freeze svn:externals")

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