SLED Explorer View

EE Only

The SLED Explorer view is the central navigation within the SLED perspective.

Using this view the contents of a SLED database can be analyzed and it is possible to delete individual database content.

SLED Explorer View

To add the SLED Explorer View to the current perspective, click Command Window > Show View > Other > Function Point Modeler > SLED Explorer .


The toolbar of the SLED Explorer view includes the following buttons.

Collapse all This command collapses the tree expansion state of all resources in the view.

Delete This command deletes the selected element from the SLED database.

Reload SLED content Reloads the content of the connected SLED database. The predetermined filter is taken into account when determining the results.

SLED filter Filters the results of the charging process. Only entries in the database are determined whose name contains the specified filter criteria.