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Task 2:  Add the chart to the report

In this task, use the palette to add a chart element, and select a chart type.


Figure 14-2 Selecting the chart type

Figure 14-2  Selecting the chart type
The lower part of the Select Chart Type page displays the different types of charts that you can create. Some chart types include several subtypes, giving you a wide range of available types. Choosing a chart type on Select Chart Type displays the available subtypes for that type of chart. By default, these subtypes create two-dimensional charts.
In the Select Chart Type list, select Pie. The chart builder shows a symbol of a pie chart in the Subtype area, as shown in Figure 14-3. Pie charts have only one subtype, so you see only one option in the Subtype area.

Figure 14-3 Viewing the two-dimensional subtype for a pie chart

Figure 14-3  Viewing the two-dimensional subtype for a pie chart

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