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Task 2:  Create a new report

You can create a report in the following ways:

For each template, BIRT Report Designer provides a cheat sheet, which contains step-by-step instructions, to help you create the report.

For this tutorial, you start with a blank report design.

Choose FileNewReport. New Report appears. Figure 1-5 shows the window that appears in BIRT Report Designer. New Report is slightly different in BIRT RCP Report Designer.

Figure 1-5 New Report in BIRT Report Designer

Figure 1-5  New Report in BIRT Report Designer


In BIRT Report Designer, in the tree view of the available folders, select the project that you created. This step applies only to BIRT Report Designer users.

Figure 1-6 Report templates in New Report

Figure 1-6  Report templates in New Report
Select Blank Report, then choose Finish. Your new report appears in the main window. This window displays the layout editor, as shown in Figure 1-7. The layout editor shows an empty report page.


The remainder of this tutorial provides the detailed steps for creating the customer report.


Figure 1-7 Blank report design

Figure 1-7  Blank report design

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