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Task 3:  Build a data source

Before you begin designing your report in the layout editor, you build a BIRT data source to connect your report to a database or other type of data source. When you build a data source, you specify the driver class, data source name, and other connection information that is specific to the type of data source. For this tutorial, you use the sample database, Classic Models, that is already configured for use with BIRT Report Designer. You do not need to specify the connection information for this sample database.

Choose Data Explorer. If you use the default report design perspective, Data Explorer is to the left of the layout editor, next to Palette, as shown in Figure 1-8. If Data Explorer is not open, choose WindowShow ViewData Explorer.

Figure 1-8 Data Explorer

Figure 1-8  Data Explorer
Right-click Data Sources, then choose New Data Source from the context menu. New Data Source displays the types of data sources you can create, as shown in Figure 1-9.

Figure 1-9 New Data Source

Figure 1-9  New Data Source
Select Classic Models Inc. Sample Database from the list of data source types. Use the default data source name, then choose Next. Connection information about the new data source appears.
Choose Finish. BIRT Report Designer creates a new data source that connects to the sample database. It appears within Data Sources in Data Explorer, shown in Figure 1-10.

Figure 1-10 Data Sources in Data Explorer

Figure 1-10  Data Sources in Data Explorer

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