General Ant Preferences

You can change the following preferences on the command linkAnt preference page.

Option Description Default
Names Configures the buildfiles that Ant's "-find" emulation searches for. build.xml
Separate JRE Timeout The time in milliseconds to wait for communication with the Java virtual machine when running an Ant build in a separate Java runtime environment. 20000
Documentation URL Enables you to browse for the applicable documentation URL.
Always run new Ant configurations in the same JRE as the workspace Allows you to automatically always have all new Ant launch configurations set to run in the same JRE as the workspace. Off
Warn when tools.jar is not on the classpath Displays a warning when tools.jar is not on the classpath. On
Show error dialog when Ant build fails Displays an error message when the Ant build fails. On
Create problem markers from javac results Create warning and error markers from the build results of an Ant javac task. Marker creation requires that a console is allocated for the build and that the listfiles attribute of the javac task be set to true. Off
Ant Color Options Configures the colors of the Ant build output. Varies by Ant output

The Ant preference page:

Ant preference page

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