Ant Templates Preferences

The following preferences can be changed on the command linkAnt > Editor > Templates preference page.

You can use the Templates preferences to create, edit, remove, import existing templates, restore removed templates and revert to the default templates. The preview pane enables you to see what your new or edited template will look like before applying your changes.

Option Description Default
New... Allows you to add a new template.  
Edit... Allows you to edit an existing template. Changes to a template can be viewed in the Preview Pane before they are applied.  
Remove Allows you to remove and existing template. A removed template can be restored by using Restore Removed or by re-importing the template (if it was imported initially).  
Restore Removed Allows you to add a new classpath variable to the Ant Home and / or Global sections.  
Revert to Default Allows you to revert changes to a selected template back to their factory defaults  
Import... Allows you to import template(s) from a selected *.xml file.  
Export... Allows you to export the currently selected set of templates to an xml file in the local filesystem.  

Here is what the Ant Templates preference page looks like:

Ant Templates preference page

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